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8 Ways Apple Can Better The iPad

Being a personal user of the iPad, here are 8 ways that Apple can make the iPad better.  They are in no particular order.

1.     Incorporate A Faster Typing Technique Like Swype On Android.

The IOS keyboard is excellent.  It has a great visual response, you can add some sort of tactile feedback if you miss the physical qwerty and it has a good suggestion engine when you make mistakes.

However, when typing long e-mails and documents, it is tiresome not to be able to type quickly using Swype like on Android or another similar feature.  It reminds me of the days when we used to finger type!

2.     Design A Stylus

The amount of times i thought to myself i wish i had a stylus to quickly jot down some notes or draft a banner or poster.  Something similar to a Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen would be perfect.

3.     Allow Multiple Users

Allowing other people to surf the internet without accessing your apps or photos would be great.  I can imagine how this could work against the great user experience of the iPad because it would complicate the whole experience and introduce delays (perhaps?).  I’m sure the clever programmers over at Apple would be able to engineer something great.

4.     Have a Num Lock mode

I know if you double tap the SHIFT key on the iPad keyboard, it activates Num Lock mode, but when you press the space bar, it loses it!  I would say this is more of a bug.  It’s highly annoying when typing in numbers with spacing in between.

5.     Have a standard Micro USB charging solution

I hate having to worry about carrying my iPad 2 charger with me everywhere i go.  I already have plenty of Micro USB chargers for phones everywhere i need; the car, work place etc.  I wish i didn’t have to worry about carrying the iPad 2 charger.   It makes sense.  Anywhere I go, i am more likely to find a micro USB charging solution than a bespoke iPad one!

6.     Better Multitasking, Especially Sound/Audio

I commonly use the iPad to watch YouTube movies and find myself wanting to quickly browse the web without interrupting the Video.  This can’t be done.

Another suggestion would be to have a pop up player which would float anywhere on the screen, so you can watch YouTube whilst in any other App.  Similar to the Samsung Pop Up Player.

7.     Make It Easier To Repair

The iPad 2,3 and 4 are difficult to repair.  The iPad Mini requires pretty good soldering skills.  The amount of people who crack their iPad screens is actually shocking.  It would be good if the touch screen and indeed, anything else, could be easier to repair.

8.     An Advanced Kid Mode Feature

Leave the last one for the most highly ambitious one; how about having a sandbox area which the Admin can control and select the Apps that their child can see.  You turn the tablet into Kid Mode, give it to your child and they will only be able to access certain applications.  How cool!  How wishful!

Can you think of any?


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