Choose between Apple and Windows

Choose between a Windows PC or Apple Mac

One of the most popular questions is whether to get an Apple Mac or Windows based PC or laptop?

See the table below to allow you to choose which device best suits your needs.

Apple v Windows Comparison Table

CostGenerally more expensive for the same hardware specificationCosts are lower, but beware of poor quality low end machines.
PerformanceBoth the software and hardware is designed by Apple, the experience will be pleasant.Because there are multiple manufacturers involved, you may find that the same or similar spec computer will not perform as well as an Apple Mac. This is natural but there is not a huge difference.
SoftwareThe software will work in perfect harmony with the hardware because Apple design both. Unlikely to experience software incompatibility issues or spurious error messages.Beware of malware, viruses and general junkware. Big manufacturers tend to install a lot of utilities and software which take up memory and processing power before you even start to use the device.

This is one major disadvantage of a windows based computer or laptop.
ReliabilityMuch less prone to viruses and malware. Partially because Apple is in control of both software and hardware.

Battery life on Macbooks also tend to be better.
Extremely vulnerable to viruses, malware, scamware and the like. A windows PC must have anti virus software as well as regular anti malware checks.
IntercompatibilityGreat if all your devices are made by Apple. With the latest introduction of Yosmite, you can write an e-mail on one device and finish off on another seamlessly.

Poor if you have anything non-Apple. For example, you cannot use a standard micro USB charger for your iPhone without purchasing an adapter.

Most hardware and software will always be designed to be compatible with the latest version of Windows. If you are a user who likes to install a lot of software and utilities, you will find guaranteed support.

Hardware devices also tend to use standard ports so need for additional adapters, for e.g. HDMI, Micro USB.

You can take it to school or the office and know you do not need adapters to connect to an external monitor.
ChoiceApple's choice is limited. There is little flexibility in choosing colours, look, feel, style, screen size and specification. It is only as flexible as the products on offer.Because hardware is manufactured by different suppliers, there is a huge variety of designs and specifications to choose from. Sometimes, this has the drawback of having needing to do more research for comparison purposes.


My own view can be summarised as follows:

If you want a device:

  1. For simple tasks like web surfing, sending and receiving e-mails, visiting you tube and other social web sites
  2. And you are not technically minded
  3. And money is not the main concern
  4. And you will not need to use your Apple Mac in an office network or with unknown hardware ( projectors, external monitors, printers, scanners etc.)
  5. Free of viruses, if you have any queries related to MAC than at get a professional advice at Expert Computing  we serve best MAC Repair services in Preston.

Then you should consider an Apple Mac.

If, on the other hand, you want a device that is interoperable with different hardware, you frequently take it to the office and connect to a Windows network, you are price conscious and you do not mind taking some time to fix your own computer, then you should just get a Windows based PC or laptop.  This will allow a lot more freedom.
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