Control Internet Access Business

How to control internet access for your business

A common question that any business owner will ask is:

How can we restrict internet access?

Some questions to consider when choosing a solution:

  1. Do you want a complete ban on the internet, unless it’s lunch time, for example?  i.e. this would be a time based policy.
  2. Do you want certain sites to be accessible, but allow access to others? i.e. this would be a blocking policy
  3. Do you want different levels of access for different users?  i.e. this would be user level policy.
  4. Do you want to be able to regular reports of who has accessed what?

Software based solutions

Requires less skill to setup, but harder to manage in the long term.  In the main, cheaper.
  • Tend to have to install on each device
  • May need a separate server
  • Harder to manage and maintain.  An update to the software will mean every PC/device will need upgrading.
  • Prone to compatibility problems with other software.

Hardware based solutions

More expensive, but easier to maintain and provide out of the box reporting
  • Requires technical know how to setup and configure
  • More expensive – licensing fee more often than not
  • Provides out of the box reporting

Managed Web Control Service

Hand it to a third party.  No hands on management for you. More expensive, but easier.
  • No additional hardware or software required