The key specifications to look for in a new laptop

Core Hardware

  • Processor/CPU – Look for Intel i3, i5, i7 .  Depending on what you want to do, AMD processors might be better value for money.  There are different generations of processor, so do some research.  Avoid low powered / low voltage CPUs if you want out and out performance.
  • Memory (RAM)- In general, the more RAM you have the better.  Minimum nowadays would be 4GB
  • Hard Drive – The type of hard drive you get can make a significant difference to the speed of your laptop.  N.B.  The more storage you have does not mean your laptop will be faster!  Rather, look for an SSD hard drive.  This will be faster and better for your battery life.
  • Screen Size – Higher resolution screens will offer superior viewing.  You will be able to fit more onto the screen. Expert computing offer best and affordable laptop screen repairs services.
  • Build Quality – If you’re going to be thrashing your laptop, then you need to consider the build quality of higher end machines.  IBM Lenovo and Dell business class machines tend to have the best build quality in our experience.
  • Manufacturer – Research online the various makes and models available from different manufacturers.  Some laptops may have a design fault which may mean the laptop may not last very long.
  • Battery Life – Go for the best battery life where possible.  This will depend on how the laptop is used, so manufacturer specifications may not entirely be accurate. Here is a pictorial guide for things to be considered while selecting new laptop.

Software considerations

  • Office Suite – Without a doubt the only package worthy of running is Microsoft Office.  Pricing varies.  It is best to talk to a professional for the best option.   There is also a free open source version called “Open Office” which you can download from
  • Beware of Manufacturer installed Bloatware.  There is nothing worse than buying a state of the art laptop but when you get home it appears slow.  This is mainly due to the unnecessary software and utilities that most manufacturers install. IF you having any hardware or software problems than contact our professional now, we are best laptop repair service provider in Preston.