How to choose the right charger?


How to choose the right Laptop charger?

When looking for a new charger for your laptop, it is essential that you find the original one.  This is because it will lead to you having less problems with your laptop.  Not only this but your laptop won’t have to be charged regularly as the amperage and voltage should be the same as what it says on the underside of the laptop so it shouldn’t take too long for it to charge and your battery will be able to sustain the power and so keep it for a few hours.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing your laptop charger. Some of them are:                                                                             1

  1. Make sure that you know the pin size of the charger. It is important that you know this as this is what goes into the laptop and so if you don’t know the pin size, you may end up buying the wrong charger which will end up with you losing money.  To prevent this you should go to the source.  Go to the manufacturer’s website and look for it there to reduce any potential errors when choosing your charger.  An alternative would be to search for the model no. of an existing charger you have.
  2. Another factor to take into consideration is the voltage and 2amperage. This is important as this determines how much power goes into the battery.  If the voltage is too high then the battery may explode as it can’t take that much power.  On the other hand if it’s too low then too little power will be going to it and so it will take much longer for it to charge or may not even charge at all.  To prevent this, make sure you check your voltage and amperage which is located on the underside of the laptop.

Pitfalls of choosing the wrong charger

There are some major errors that could occur if you do not choose the correct charger.  Here are some of them:3

  1. If your chargers voltage is too high it could lead to your battery exploding due to the increased power outage to the laptop.
  2.  Sometimes if you choose the wrong charger then it can result in your mouse 4not working.  This means that you can’t use your laptop whilst it is charging and so you must wait for it to fully charge before you can use it.
  3. One very big problem which may occur if you use the wrong charger will be that you will damage the laptop motherboard. If the motherboard gets ruined then the entire laptop stops working and requires you to buy a new motherboard.  This means taking apart the laptop and removing the motherboard.  This can be proven as very expensive and can make it uneconomical.

So here are some valuable facts about buying a laptop charger.  It is important as it can prove to be costly and even ruin your entire laptop.  I hope this article helps you to choose the correct charger for your laptop.  Check out our latest original laptop chargers.