Computer Virus Removal

What is a virus or malware?

Unfortunately, the reality of the open internet is that viruses and malware will be prevalent. Malicious software is also sometimes known as trojans, bots, worms and spyware. They are files or software which are designed to harm your computer software. Some are malicious (designed to steal information) and some are just annoying (like pop ups)

How can a PC get infected by a virus?

There are many reasons why a computer could get infected by a virus; by means of an email, a web site, downloading, using p2p software or opening files from unknown locations.

How do you know if your pc or laptop is infected by a virus?

  • You can connect to your wireless network, but cannot access the internet
  • Everytime you search via Google, the web page redirects to another page
  • You have pop ups that keep on appearing whilst surfing the internet
  • You suspect somebody has control of your laptop
  • You receive persistent warnings that your PC will need to be scanned from a program you haven’t installed

In all cases, your computer is not behaving normally.  You suspect that your PC is infected with a malicious program.  These problems are all software related.

I have anti virus, so how i can get infected?

Even if you have good antivirus like Kaspersky, there is still a chance your pc can get infected. Sometimes it is due to a lack of windows security updates, or it maybe that you have disabled some in built security features in windows that a virus can penetrate.

There are a multitude of reasons why virus’s can infect. One thing is for sure, if you have a virus infection, it is imperative to do a diagnosis in case it is malicious.

Do you sell antivirus?

We sell Kaspersky Anti Virus (Internet Security) 2012.  There is 3 user edition and 1 user edition.

How much does it cost for a computer repair to remove a virus?

Prices differ and varies.  Call us.

Does your machine need a rebuild?

Sometimes, realistically, we may advise you to reload your operating system (windows xp, vista, windows 7) because of the extent that a virus or trojan can inflict on a computer.  Rather than spend days attempting to repair or finding the exact cause, it would be easier and quicker to reinstall windows.

Why let us handle your virus removal?

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of information out on the web which can help you clean your pc from a virus.  There are free virus tools and pc help forums where you can seek advice.  So why shouldn’t you do it yourself?

  • We can quickly remove a virus for you so you can get up and running again as fast as possible.
  • We can offer a data recovery service to ensure that you get your data back in a clean state. Remember a virus can affect your operating system as well as your data. We can scan your files before they are recovered to ensure the virus does not reinfect your computer.
  • In order to clean and disinfect the PC from the virus, we will need to thoroughly scan the PC at a low level (not from within Windows). Scanning for viruses from DOS ensures that any harmful effects of viruses do not affect the scan.
  • Many virus writers, once they infect the computer, also write code that prevents any anti virus from working, so you cannot even scan from within windows. Even if this can be done, it is not the safest way to ensure your PC is going to be cleaned.
  • The virus scan needs to be thorough to ensure none of your data files have been affected, otherwise, as soon as you put your files back onto a new system, it will reinfect the computer.

Contact us now for your virus removal service.