Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

Does your laptop dc jack suffer from any of the following?

  • The DC jack (the place where you plug in your charger) is physically broken, but the laptop worked when the battery had charge?
  • The DC jack area is slightly wobbly and seems loose?
  • The laptop only charges in a certain position, but it is not very reliable?
  • The DC jack has come off from the laptop altogether?

Predominantly, the laptop charges but only if you put it to charge in a very specific position and occurs on laptops which are over 1 year old due to wear and tear and also maybe misuse of the port.

Over time, this causes the bond and the solder to break loose from the motherboard and eventually may lead to it coming off entirely from the circuit board

Luckily, your local laptop repair experts can easily fix your problem within 48 hours.  We will prise open the laptop, remove the existing dc jack and resolder a new one. If you are even more lucky, your laptop jack might just replacing and no soldering may need to take place. This is for the newer model of laptops where the DC jack is not soldered on the motherboard, but merely a peripheral component which we can replace with ease.

How long will the dc jack repair take?

Normally, we can do dc jack repairs within two days providing you authorise us to carry out work and you bring it in before 12pm on the previous day.

How much does it cost to resolder a DC jack?

Prices vary depending on the price of the dc jack and how long it takes us to resolder or replace.

Do you fit a new dc jack or a second hand one?

If we feel you need a new DC jack, we will certainly fit a new on in. Sometimes, in our professional opinion, we may advise you that there is no need to change the jack because its condition is excellent. This will save you money and will not lose your 3 month warranty.

Why let us handle your laptop dc jack repair?

Because we repair laptops of all makes and models every day. Our engineers are experienced in dc jack repair for all laptops. We do it professionally and responsibly, ensuring no other components gets damaged during the repair. Don’t forget, we offer a 3 month warranty on all our workmanship.

Due to our experience, we can also diagnose the fault quickly (as the problem may not always be a faulty dc jack).