Web Design & Development Services

An attractive, interactive and appealing website is a major necessity to establish a presence online. It is no matter whether you are a sole trader, a small business owner or a large business owner, you need to build a confident online presence and the first step to achieve this goal is to hire experienced web design services.

Expert Computing has been in the web development business for the last decade, creating unmatched and unparalleled website development experience for its clients. We are based out of Preston, Lancashire in UK. Ours is a locally reputed web development company but we also work with global clients. Our web design services are very affordable and we aim to work with your budget to present optimum value for money. Our beginner package includes small-scale websites, usually consisting of no more than 5 pages, which are mostly used for informational purposes only.

Our Web Design Features

Below are listed some of our web design features. You can contact our representative anytime to know more.

Minimalistic Design

A website overloaded with design elements and features is never the hallmark of good web design. Less is certainly more and this is the reason we focus on minimalistic design. We apply minimalistic web applications in our web designs. As mentioned earlier, the focus is always on usability.

Attention to Detail

We design websites that gets the attention of the user. As such, a lot of importance is given to grouping, colour coding, colour balance, contrast, proportion and spacing to minutely craft web pages. From the usability perspective, the attention is on smooth visibility and readability, placing tabs and elements at appropriate places.

Responsive Web Design

These days it is not enough to simply have a website. With the pace in which users are adopting multiple communication devices like tablets and smartphones, a business website needs to adapt as well. Therefore, we offer responsive web design where the same website is adapted to suit all access platforms, mainly desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Design Optimisation

The success of a website depends on speed. As such, our team follows best web design practices to craft websites that load faster and are optimized for higher search engine ranking and speedy search engine indexing. Our design will not make your website slow, never.

Visual Display

An image is worth thousand words! It is absolutely right in the sphere of web design too. We make an effort to understand the business goals and reach before developing the website. As such, we construct designs that leave a lasting impression on the users. We follow minimalistic design but lay stress on powerful display.

Intuitive Design

Website usability is an often ignored feature, but not at Expert Web Design. A website should not be created keeping in mind what the business demands; of course, the requirements of the business matters too but focus should be laid on the demands of the user. As such, our designs are intuitive that offers seamless experience to the users. They find their way around the website without putting in much effort.

We create web designs for various industries such as Media and Entertainment, Technology, Estate Agents, Sports, Finance, e-Learning, Retail and Automotive industries. We create web designs from scratch or can take over an existing website and give it a new outlook.


Since each business has its own needs, we don’t offer any fixed pricing. Kindly contact us tell us about the business and your requirements. We will analyse the requirements and get back with a custom quote.